Blooming Heart will be held at a beautiful wooded location on magical Orcas Island.

Welcome to our home, our beloved island.

As you travel across the land and the sea, we ask you to reflect on your journey and the friends we have. Hold a vision of friendship and community as you get closer. Once you arrive on Orcas Island you will make your way across the island to the gathering location. When you reach our front gate, you will be greeted by our greeters and you can check in.  You can then pull into the camping area to drop off your gear, and then head to park along the county road a little ways down the road.

Doors will open at 11am on friday afternoon. Friday night is a night of beautiful acoustic music followed up by  Saturday were we will be getting down!

Blooming Heart is a tent camping event. Please make sure to bring camping gear and food and camp stoves for the weekend. We will provide water and composting porta potties for the weekend. You will be able come and go as you please so no problem if you need to run to the store. Car Camping will only be allowed if you have worked it out with us before hand.


There are no vendors on site so please bring food for the weekend. As always we will be doing a large communal meal on Saturday so please bring something delicious to share with everyone. We will have a big grill for cooking food on.

Travel By Car:

Please do yourself, your wallet, Doe Bay, and the planet a favor by carpooling! The fewer cars the better!

The new reservation system has given people a sense of the ferry spaces being unavailable. Have no fear, you will get on a boat even if you can’t make a reservation right away. The ferry office told us that every sailing has about 30 cars that don’t show up for their reservations so if you show up early for any boat you will probably get on it.  If you miss that one you will be on the next one. They always get everyone on the island so have no fear.  Just come early. We have been doing this for years and everyone gets on. 

It is advised that you RESERVE passage on the Washington State Ferries’ website from Anacortes Ferry Terminal to Orcas Island AND back again. The reservation system is new as of 2015 and is intended to abate the typical long lines and multi-hour waits for the ferry. MAKE A FERRY RESERVATION AS SOON AS YOU CAN AFTER PURCHASING YOUR TICKET! You will not have to pay for the ticket, just make the reservation. 

If you find that there are no spots left have no fear. As mentioned before you will get on a boat. You just might have to wait a little bit, but they will get everyone on.

The WA State Ferry site opens 30% of the boat for reservation two months before the day of sailing, then another 30% two weeks from travel date, and another 30% of the boat two days from travel date. The final 10% is first-come-first-serve on the day of sailing.

Reservations can be made on their website at 7 a.m. the morning of the dates listed. Consider getting up early to do it!

Friday reservations fill up the fastest of all travel days!

What to bring:

  • Warm clothes & blankets to bundle in – it WILL be chilly at night!
  • Food and drinks
  • Camp stove and utensils
  • Flashlights and glow-bling!
  • A towel
  • A water bottle, preferably not glass
  • Kindness
  • Joy
  • A willingness to be present, listen, and play
  • Your dreams of the future

Please leave all pets at home!

Blooming Heart is a no dog event.