Blooming Heart


About us

Thank you for visiting us. The Somatic Revolution is an arts collective based on Orcas Island, Washington. We are dedicated to the practice of co-creating new forms of celebration by producing events showcasing beautiful art and music.

It is our belief that the way in which a culture celebrates reflects and reinforces the spirit of its people. Our intention is to create celebration that honors the values of community, kindness, friendship, compassion, dignity and integrity.

In this age of immense change our entire culture is being reevaluated. Ideas and values evolving so quickly it’s hard to grasp all that is unfolding in the world. In this unprecedented time of intelectual and spiritual freedom we have the opportunity to create a brand new way of thinking and feeling. One day at a time we are discovering a new language for interacting. One moment at a time we are inventing new ways to celebrate.

So we invite you dear friends to join us in a grand celebration. Draw upon ancient wisdom, set some deep intention and with a bit of tech wizardry we hope to offer a heart opening experience to all. By sharing in the art and music of our community we strive to create pockets of peace emanating deep vibrations of love to the rest of the planet.

May we be part of a peaceful revolution.

Thank you for visiting us. It is an honor to meet you.