Welcome to Blooming Heart

Time passes by and after three years apart the Blooming Heart family will gather again. Join us July 5th-7th on July 4th weekend for the 11th Blooming Heart Gathering. Through the years it has been such a gift to be blessed with a community so full of art and music.  A tonic for the soul, a spark for creativity and smiles shared with kindred spirits.  Join us dear friends as we gather to celebrate and share in the magic of art and music.

The intention

All profits from this year’s Blooming Heart will be donated to a family in Myanmar in order to help them start a small sustainable business that can help support them in to the future. Money has already been donated to raise their house which sits on stilts to protect it from flooding during the monsoon season.

Our intention is to offer gifts and offerings to the world by donating profits of our events. Over the years we have produced several fundraisers for different charities. In gratitude we collectively offer a gift to our fellow humans in the hope of bringing some joy to the world and lessening the burden of others. Together we change the world through our vision and through our action.

Blooming Heart is an invitation only event. That being said if you feel called to join us please send us a message.

We love making new friends.